Cancellation Policy

For non weather related cancellations we have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Weather related cancellations are solely at the discretion of the captain. We will do our best to cancel 24 hours prior to your trip sometimes that is not possible

Our criteria for weather cancellation is as follows: If we determine conditions will be unsafe or unpleasant we will attempt to reschedule. If that is not possible we will cancel and your deposit will be returned.

Please do not try to make a weather prediction. Between captain and crew we have almost 100 years experience. Our lives and livelihood depend on our ability to use the tools at our disposal to accurately assess weather conditions. The forecaster who you see on the internet or TV has been doing this for a few years at best and has nothing to lose whether they are right or wrong.

If a brief shower occurs while we are underway, we have extra foul weather gear and there is also a dry cabin you can go in.

Thank you for your understanding.

Remember, no rain no rainbows 🙂