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Sailing Instruction

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For the Thrill of Your Life!

Wanna learn to sail a world class racing sailboat? Whether you're a total beginner that's never been on a sailboat, or a seasoned sailor that wants to hone their skills, we have a program that will get you sailing like you've never sailed before!

Our Instructor

Dan Feldman, our instructor, is a Coast Guard licensed captain who has been sailing and racing most of his life. He is patient, intuitive, and an excellent communicator. Most of all, he loves sharing his experience and skills others. You will learn a lot about sailing and boat handling and have a great time in your lesson!

Our Boat - Cirrus

Cirrus is a former national champion, 28 ft Corsair racing trimaran. She has a cutter rig for outstanding upwind sailing, and an asymmetrical spinnaker for thrills downwind.

A true racing craft, she is very fast, but also safe and stable.

Our Programs

We have a range of sailing instruction programs that will suit every student, whether you just want to sample the sport, or are interested in learning to race. Look through our curriculum below, and you'll find the program that's best for you.

Beginner Lesson

This half day lesson covers the basics of sailing theory and practice. You will learn safety afloat, the points of sail, how to rig and trim your sails, and will be tacking and jibing like an old salt before you know it! $250

Beginner Course

This three lesson course will take you through all the basics: Sailing theory, safety, rules, rigging, including the spinnaker, points of sail, upwind sailing, downwind sailing, mooring, docking and single-handing. Recommended for those that want a good foundation in sailing. $650

Intermediate Lesson

If you've done some sailing and understand the principles and basics but want a hands-on refresher, this is the lesson for you - half day on the water, and you'll come out of it with a much greater understanding and feel. $300

Intermediate Course

This is the comprehensive course for the sailor that wants to hone his skills and become truly proficient. Three half days on the water with expert supervision will turn you into a real sailor! $800

Racing Lessons

If you want to learn to race a sailboat like the pros, we offer one-on-one instruction that will take you to the next level. Learn racing rules, tactics, reading the wind, starting strategies, mark roundings, use of instruments and racing sail trim. These lessons are geared to refine your every sailing skill, and are custom designed for your specific needs. Half day, private. $300

To reserve your lesson, email us, call us at 845-667-1394, or fill in the reservation form - your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Hudson Sailing
Located at the municipal dock in front of 1 Broadway Kingston, NY
Phone: 845-667-1394

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